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- Steve Stratton

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- George Malaska

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- John T. Blair

John wears a multitude of hats for the Bricklin International Owners Club. He's the Vice President of Technical, Vice President of Publications (Brickline Editor) and maintains the Bricklin VIN registry. He has been directly responsible for a number of Golden Quill Awards for his work on the Brickline - BI's quarterly magazine.

Send your articles for the Brickline, technical information and VIN information to .

John's biography is available HERE.


- Stuart Zukrow

Stuart handles our Bricklin Memorabilia - Bricklinalia! He can be reached at .

Stuart's biography is available HERE.


- Jim Kirby

Jim handles the website resources - including and the Bricklin International Owners Club Forum. Comments or corrections to our web resources should be directed to BI Webmaster


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