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Posted by Dylan Procter - May 25 2022 : 09:51:25  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: MI
Country: USA
Age: 20
Just purchased my first classic car and it is a '74 Bricklin #0553
Posted by R Ward - April 04 2022 : 12:32:33  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Pennsylvania
Country: US
Age: 40
I have two of these vehicles in my possession which were inherited. I would like them to be purchased by an enthusiast. If anyone should have interest, please contact the email for prompt response.
Posted by Tarah Graham - March 09 2022 : 18:33:04  Visit Tarah Graham's Homepage  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: TX
Country: United States
Age: 39
New Bricklin Owner to car # 2047, so excited!
Posted by Joseph Vautour - August 01 2021 : 23:33:34  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: ON
Country: Canada
Age: 68
Hi all,
I worked at the Bricklin plant during production. I worked on the assembly line at first but ended up working in the Garage mainly testing the cars after they came off the assembly line. My background was electronics and I was focusing on electrical issues.
Posted by Robin Alpaugh - May 26 2021 : 08:50:02  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: NY
Country: USA
Age: 52
Hi - car guy and film producer in Binghamton, NY - looking for a Bricklin for a major motion picture being shot here beginning in Aug 2021. Please contact (call or email) me for details - thank you! 607-725-4882
Posted by john - October 21 2019 : 19:58:10  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: IA
Country: USA
Age: 59
Just inherited a 1974 from a deceased friend.
Posted by DAN BARKER & JOSH SCOTT - December 12 2017 : 19:55:07  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Wa
Country: United States
Age: 47
Just wanted to say Hi to all the bricklin owners out there. We are from Dan's automotive in Kirkland Washington. We are currently restoring a 1975 bricklin with 12k original miles! if you wanna check that out you can to to Dan's automotive and restorations Facebook page. The car will be for sale you have any questions or need any help give us a call at 425647992!!! SPECIAL THANKS TO LES RANDOLPH FOR THE CARPET KIT SEAT SKINS AND ALL THE PARTS WE PUTCHASED!

Posted by tom murtha - September 05 2017 : 22:36:55  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: CT
Country: USA
Age: 62
my dad had a 74 (i believe) with a 4 speed, pretty rare. IIRC it was a 300 series sn, maybe 324, with the 360 AMC. Color was tan I do still have some pics but it was sold long ago. Leaked terribly but a cool car
Posted by Mike Doiron - July 10 2016 : 08:07:27  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Texas
Country: USA
Age: 50
Just picked up Ser # 15, , was museum stored since 1989. Looking forward to making it better than new
Posted by Paul Buckley - April 25 2016 : 12:42:23  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Nebraska
Country: USA
Age: 49
Paul Buckley from Bellevue, NE. Bricklin #1333 has been in my family since 1977. First to my brother Tim, followed by my Dad Tim Sr., now the to the baby of the fam, me. Has not run in about 8-10 yrs. First order is a new battery. Since I have nothing to go by, what are Bricklin Owners preferred choice for a good battery? Any and all help would be appreciated. Thnx and have a safe day!
Posted by BobZee567 - April 08 2016 : 23:20:47  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: New York
Country: U.S.A.
Age: 55
Hello All! My name is Bob Zee, I am the current president of Bricklin International Owners Club, Welcome all the new owners, and enthusiasts. Were hear to help answer all you questions . You can also visit the Bricklin International Owners club Facebook page!
Posted by Howard Hesketh - January 15 2016 : 18:09:31  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: MO
Country: USA
Age: 58
Having a blast with the Bricklin
Posted by John Cowland - April 09 2015 : 12:10:38  Visit John Cowland's Homepage  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: New Brunswick
Country: Canada
Age: 39
Hello everyone. My name is John Cowland. I am a former CF army vet and graduate of journalism school.

I have been planning a documentary on the Bricklin for a few years now. I finally have the time and equipment to make it a reality.

Being born and raised in Fredericton, NB. I felt if would be an honor to produce a quality documentary on such a rare and "local" car.

I have included a link to my crowd sourcing page in order to gain donations to make this happen. My focus of the doc is the owners passion of ownership and the will to keep an icon alive.

I wish to thank each and everyone who is willing to share, donate or help out with this project. This doc is all about you guys. Bricklin lovers and owners.

Thank you again.


Posted by Jack - March 10 2015 : 04:16:04  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Fl
Country: us
Age: 70
Check craigslist for bricklin in Fort myers Florida some one will pay $50,000 for a certain # car
Posted by Clayton - September 20 2014 : 18:19:38  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: CA
Country: USA
Age: 79
I am the original & still the owner of VIN # 1410 purchased in Livonia, MI. from a Buick/Opel dealer on June 18,1975. It currently has approximately 50,000 miles on it and has been stored in my garage since 1972. The body is in perfect condition and it has recently been put in the shop to return it to drivable condition. I can hardly wait to drive it again.
I noticed on your "Where They Are" page that a Bricklin with the same VIN number is listed in Lake St. Louis. Impossible that there are two with identical VIN'S
Posted by Alan Golbov - August 19 2014 : 16:49:44  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Nevada
Country: United States
Age: 58
Hi All-
Looks like I will be acquiring a Bricklin this week. Don't know much about it yet, but it has the Ford engine so must be a '75 or '76. Looks like it was originally Safety Yellow. Looking forward to picking it up.
Posted by Sheila Johnson - April 22 2014 : 20:33:07  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Michigan
Country: USA
Age: 39
We just happened to be talking about cars tonight and I found this site.

I have a green Bricklin a 1974 if my memory serves me correctly. I haven't had it out in a few years roughly 1994 but my Dad gets it out at least once a summer for maintaining and a short ride.

When I was two years old my parents took me on a trip to PA to buy a jaguar that my Dad wanted but ended up coming back to MI with a Bricklin. Ever since it has been "my" car!

If I think about it someday I will get the vin and email so it can go on the owners list.
Posted by Scott T - April 15 2014 : 13:10:53  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: NV
Country: USA
Age: 57
I know someone who has one that's been garage-kept for years (probably at least 10, maybe 20), but also hasn't been run for just as long.
Still acquiring info, but any loose suggestion of what to offer would be appreciated.
Also, what questions I should ask.
Posted by david eppig - March 13 2014 : 00:59:52  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: maryland
Country: United States
Age: 57
i have seen several bricklins in my life,however, i do not own one. i like them and find them interesting. i find unusable cars more fascinating than common ones.
i do own 2 orphan cars myself
Posted by ADP963 - December 31 2013 : 11:59:32  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Age: 29
Looking to talk to the owner of VIN # 963. the previous owner of this car.
Posted by Sue Margeson - November 14 2013 : 22:18:11  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Age: 53
This is Sue with the Crash test email is I am looking for some information on these doors please. Thanks
Posted by Sue Margeson - November 14 2013 : 22:08:20  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Age: 53
I have two white authentic Bricklin crash test doors that I am interested in selling. I am wondering if someone could please contact me to discuss. Thank you, Sue
Posted by Mike smith - August 24 2013 : 02:15:34  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Vancouver
Country: Canada
Age: 55
I was born and grew up in New Brunswick during the Days of the Bricklin. My Uncle owned the land that the Bricklin plant sat on.Ron Woods. I worked at the plant for about 6 months sanding the edges off the fibreglass doors. It was a very cool car for its day. I think the problem always existed in that everyone wanted profit and success in a very short time. If they had a 7 year plan in place this car may have been a huge success and may well have been still producing world class cars. The New Brunswick government were fools not to figure out they were investing in a long term investment.
Posted by Gord - August 08 2013 : 00:10:07  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Alberta
Country: Canada
Age: 43
Hey, just bought 2160! Originally safety White, now hornet-yellow/black. What a fun car... but I wish people would notice it a bit more.
Posted by Marty Davis - June 14 2013 : 11:52:11  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Ontario
Country: CANADA
Age: 56
Hi, we just bought 2212. Thanks to all who helped us pick a Bricklin.
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