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Posted by Larry Tungate - August 12 1998 : 15:42:20  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I am an Employee of the company who manufactured the acrylic for the Bricklin. We are looking at new and similiar application. Would like more info on performance of car body. Who would I need to contact?
Posted by Angelo - August 08 1998 : 03:35:01  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
First of all this is a great Web site! The first time I haad ever heard of a Bricklin was in the book _DeLorean: Stainless Steel Illusion._
I was always fascinated with the DeLorean, not because of the Back to the Future movies but because a
teacher of mine had one. Anyway, since i've never seen a Bricklin in person, altho it sure looks nicer than a DeLorean, I have kind of a silly question.
The DeLorean had tiny "tollbooth" windows on the driver's and passenger's side windows... Did the windows roll down on the Bricklin? I know that
the gullwings sometimes make the engineering a pain to do that. Thanks!
Posted by Ryan Moore - August 06 1998 : 22:39:42  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I am seriously considering buying a Bricklin. I have loved theses cars for years, and actually, was planning on buying a DeLorean-but have talked to the owner of the Bricklin I will most likely be buying, who has owned 3 other Bricklins to date, and has owned one DeLorean. He said he truly enjoyed the DMC, but said that his Bricklin was better in every way other than interior. This Bricklin is not a junker in any way, it is a show winner in fact and is has been on the cover of "Brickline" magazine many times, the owner even gave me one of the magazines - Volume 22#3 October, 1997 and the car is on the back of the magazine, the car is the blue one in the middle of the two red ones, its licence plate reads "WYFSMAD". The car has many modifications, and seems to be in great shape. The owner is the nicest guy you could meet. We looked at the car about 3 weeks ago, and called the owner of the car, who was at the most recent Lexington meet, and let him know that we are serious potential buyers. We are 99% sure about buying this. Tonight though my father recieved a call from the owner, he told us on his way too and from the Kentucky meet he used 2 cans of oil. He took the car to the shop thinking the problem was minor, but it turns out the piston and rings need replacement. That was what the phone call was all about. The owner said that the mechanic said the fixing and replacement of the piston and rings will cost $1,500-$2,000. The owner then said that he would knock $2,000 off the price of the car. We have our own personal mechanic, that we are going to have look at the car before we buy it, just to check out the whole car, and tell us what the "logical" decision would be for the car-whether to purchase it or not, based whether the car will be a constant fixture, or a reliable every-day driver. Am I doing the right thing? Is there any thing else I could do? I really need to know if the Bricklin - a good one with 40,000 miles. The owner told me the cars are "tempermental" and need to be taken care of meticulously. But he said they are reliable. I do plan on driving the car in the snow, and rain, so is there a sealer that I can coax the bottom of the car with, to keep it rust proof? Is it expensive to do, or have done? Your page has been so helpful and kept me excited about one day owning a Bricklin, here is my chance... Thanks very much.
Posted by Thomas John - June 10 1998 : 06:32:28  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Hello, just typed in the word "Bricklin" in metafind but I would have never thought that I would find this great website! I am running a Classic Cars Website and working on pages for ESV's, looking for info and pictures, would you mind if I would use 1-2 pictures of the Bricklin on my website, I have only some black&white shots so far. Of course I am going to link you! I wish you good luck, am wondering if there are any Bricklins in Europe? With the best regards Thomas,
Posted by Ray Jackson - April 27 1998 : 21:39:34  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I'm glad to find out that there is a Bricklin site on the "'Net." I am a member of the OBO (Organization of Bricklin Owners). I am very interested in anything Bricklin.
Posted by Dave Lightsey - April 21 1998 : 17:05:13  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
My neighbor has had a car that noone knew about other than it has cool doors that open up. Thanks for helping me find out what it is. They must be pretty rare, are they valuable. I've never seen him drive it but a few weeks ago he and a friend were trying to fix it. I'd love to see it in action.
Posted by Jerry Bostick - April 15 1998 : 18:37:09  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Cool site. Finally was able to respond by eliminating all entries in Tel field. Mine is (281) 486-2491. I have VIN #2444, white, automatic, Terry Tanner restored.
Posted by illyana delorean - April 07 1998 : 02:10:43  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
your site is so damn cool! my very favourite car in the world is the DeLorean, but ever since i saw a picture of a bricklin in a car trader magazine, i was in love! i had known about bricklins for a while, but had never seen one until pretty recently. bricklins are my #2 favourite cars, and i would like to learn more about them. how would i get a subscription to the brickline magazine, as i have never seen one in a store! thank you very much! contacting me asap is not needed, but i would like to be in contact pretty soon!
Posted by Michael Casiello - April 07 1998 : 00:08:37  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
My Bricklin wont run. It will start, but as soon as I let the key ruturns to the " run " position, the engine dies. if I keep the ignition key turned , like when yu start the car, it will continue to run, and so will the starter.. I was told it might be the "balaster resistor" but I have no idea what that is, where it it, what it looks like or if it might be something else. Do you have any ideas what might be wrong? Any information to you can provide me will greatly be appreciated. Thanks!!!
Posted by Chuck Corden - April 06 1998 : 21:48:52  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I just bought #325, it's a 360/4spd car. I heard there were only 43 of them built with 4spd's.? The car has been painted (body has some cracks and minor unglueing problems) and has air doors The only other things that aren't original are the radio and speakers (someone installed a Kenwood system. I am verry proud to be a Bricklin owner
Posted by Bruce Eichenberg - April 05 1998 : 15:29:14  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Do the '75 and '76 Bricklins use Ford frames along with Ford drive trains? If so, which Ford model frame was used to build the '75 and '76 Bricklins?
Posted by Howard - March 19 1998 : 05:52:48  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Greetings, I used to own 1974 Bricklin in Safety
white, and was onl wondering if you knew the
whereabouts of #449. Thank you for the trip down
memory lane!
Posted by Greg La Rosa - March 14 1998 : 19:37:08  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I have some Bricklin parts that I would like to sell,could you please tell me if you know of anybody looking for some interesting parts? thank you Greg
Posted by chris kuehnl - March 14 1998 : 01:08:28  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I have an original drawing (artist : me) of my '75 safety
red bricklin. If anyone is interested in seeing it or maybe publishing it on their site or periodical, please e mail me with information. This peice is quite good!
thank you..... Chris k.
P.S. It was drawn in 1993 and has been collecting dust
Posted by Nick - March 07 1998 : 12:51:45  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Doug,the "B" had Hydraulics at first,the Air doors weren't used til the owner put them on the cars.
Posted by Julie Watson writer - March 05 1998 : 09:29:59  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I understand there is a Bricklin in a museum in New Brunswick can you tell me which one, I would love to see it.
Posted by Doug Hand - March 02 1998 : 00:01:11  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
First off let me start by saying that this is a great website. Being a Canadian I have been discouraged as to the lack of being able to find anything on Bricklin's on other auto web sites. Just a quick note to inform you as to the cost of the Bricklin F.O.B. New Brunswick. The Bricklin actually cost more than $9,980.00 each, in fact, the government of New Brunswick subsidised the cost of each Bricklin to the tune of about $10,000.00 each, which ultimately was paid by the Canadain taxpayer. The government of New Brunswick did this in order to get car production going in New Brunswick as well as putting people to work. I believe the Ford engines used were from the Windsor Ontario plant and the instrumentation is Mercedes. Also, wasn't the Bricklin equiped with air operated doors rather than hydraulic? I know some Bricklins were converted to hydraulic by the owners due to the slow operation of the air system, but I shudder to think of the mess inside the car should a hydraulic line burst, Ugh! Anyway, please correct me if I'm wrong and I hope that some of this information is of use to you. Thanks!
Posted by Carey Courtis - February 23 1998 : 11:10:31  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I'm looking at the purchasing a Bricklin and found the site very interesting and informative!!
The FAQ page I think will be a big help in deciding on making the purchase.
Posted by Mark Barnett - February 21 1998 : 09:36:46  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
You may be aware of this... During the mid '70's Bricklin leased (for $1/yr) 2 or 3 cars to the Scottsdale (AZ) Police Department for them to test in that environment. A photo of a Bricklin police car is available for viewing on the city of scottsdale's home page under "services" then "police department." This might be an interesting link for your site. Specific historical information regarding the results of that testing venture may be difficult to come by but I could probably hunt down some contacts who could steer someone in your organization toward information of interest.
Posted by Ivan Jay Yarrow - February 19 1998 : 20:05:38  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I love the Bricklin Web Site. Unfortunately I don't own one yet but one day I will. I fell in love with the car from the first time I saw it in the newspaper and even more so when it showed up in dealerships in the area. Back in 75 I took my wife to see one in person at a dealership in Swathmore, Pa. Well we got into the car and shut the doors. Of course my wife was just humoring me. When we went to get out of the car the doors wouldn't open as the battery died. The salesman had me try to start the car but it was totally dead. I then learned how you got out of a Bricklin. He had me pull the pins in the top of the door from the hydraulics and then proceeded to try and life a 10 ton door up with help from the outside. This of course made my wife HOT as hell. But I enjoyed it. I will keep coming back to the site as time allows and hopefully one day I will be able to tell you that I'm the proud owner of my own Bricklin.
Posted by Perry Ziff - February 16 1998 : 19:11:09  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: OH
Country: United States
Age: 1
Great job on the site! I stumbled on it today for the first time. I own a '75 Red "B" (VIN 851) and have adopted my late father's white "B: (VIN 1458) and its good to see so much continued interest (from the emails). I wanted to point out one error on the 1995 Long Island meet page: the third picture of the 2 red Bricklins displays Ed's Bricklin in the foreground and MY Bricklin in the background (I can tell from the license plate), not Joe Titone's Bricklin. Can't wait for the next meet!!
Posted by Nick Licata - February 15 1998 : 18:47:27  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
The VIN# is unknown too,and I know that it was shown at a meet at Kings Island in 1986,Can you tell me possibly what VIN# it might be??? This would be a great help to me,and the people who ask what its VIN# is
Posted by Nick Licata - February 15 1998 : 18:44:02  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I don't know what the VIN # is either,but it was owned by someone in the BI,and it was at a meet in 1986 in Kings Island,It has a sticker on the inside that shows it.
Posted by Nick Licata - February 14 1998 : 12:07:57  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
My father owns a 74' Red Bricklin,I think.We are its 3rd or 4th owner,and we don't even know if the color is original,I would like to know if anyone could tell me the specs on the 74 Brick. Thank you.
Posted by Mike Evans - February 12 1998 : 15:12:00  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I love this Web site!!!! I saw my first Bricklin at a car show on Long Island, NY about 5 years ago, and fell in love. I haven't been able to find out much about them until now. Hopefully, I will soon have one of my own. The classified section is great!
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