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Posted by Alex - February 08 1998 : 02:32:39  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I was wondering if you could supply me with the following information. Production start, width, engine, transmision, top speed, 0-60, horsepower, and price
Posted by Andrew Lemke - February 04 1998 : 19:16:19  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I own Bricklin #946. It hasnt been on the road since 1986. The hydraliac doors wont work, I was told it was a power line going to the compressor, but I cant find the compressor. I dont think it has the air doors, and right now I dont have the money to convert it over. I'm just wondering where the pump is so I can hook it up
Posted by Wayne A Staub - February 04 1998 : 11:00:56  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I love the site.... I don't have a Bricklin YET but hope to be able to buy one before too long.... I love the car and have been to the Canton, Ohio meet, and was impressed with how friendly the owners were... I hope you will come back to Canton again sometime... and feel free to use me as a contact to schedule events of interest...
Posted by Chris Clements - January 18 1998 : 14:36:27  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Great website!!! I am a young family man from Canada and in time wish to have a Bricklin.
At this time my wife has informed me that we need a bigger house so I'm looking for one that has a big
enough garage to restore a Bricklin. I fell in love with one as a kid in Duncan BC.. Ever since I have been looking for one in my price range
to restore!! Keep up the good work!! And keep me drooling!! How often do you update?

Posted by Phil Lippels - January 16 1998 : 02:52:10  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Please make your site equally accessible to Netscape as it is to IE. I couldn't check out the different colors because you did not do that. Thanks.
Posted by Anthony Dulcich - January 15 1998 : 22:41:35  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
My name is Anthony Dulcich and I worked for Jeff Neal at JT Systems West in La Puente , CA in the mid eighties . It is a pleasure to see that so much interest is still being given to such a great car. Since leaving JT Systems I have remained in the maintainence and repair field and would like to put my experience to work in the restoration of a Bricklin of my own . Could you let me know if Jeff is still around and what the activities in the southern california area are like ( i e club meetings) Thank you in advance for your response.
Posted by Don Gillis - January 10 1998 : 13:23:31  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Great job on the website. Would like to see an article on how to determine what the value of a Bricklin is for a prospective purchaser. If there is an article like this in one of the Bricklines please let me know. Thanks.
Posted by Jeff Wynn - January 10 1998 : 13:45:21  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Great site! I enjoy all the places to go.
I hope to take advantage of the classified and
buy one this year.
Posted by Toby Leach - January 07 1998 : 14:54:24  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
You need to have a place where people can order the Brickline magazine, because for one I needed to buy an issue that concerns the brakes.
Posted by Robert Brandys - January 05 1998 : 18:13:23  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I am the events director for the Midwest Delorean Connection club.
We have a almost 70 members and am looking to get
Bricklin owners involved in events with our club. Since the
Bricklin was made in Canada it may also be able to enter the
British Car Fest with over 700 cars in Sept. Please call me
to discuss getting in contact with Bricklin owners.
Posted by Craig Smyres Reno Nevada - January 02 1998 : 03:18:04  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
This is a wonderful automotive site. I looked at nearly everythong. Great depth. I took extensive notes. I'm glad I checked to see if there was anything on bricklin's. The way the car is designed around the Bricklin's incredable frame design is way cool. I'm adding bricklin's to the cool list.
Posted by Brayden Legere - December 20 1997 : 01:23:39  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
It's great to see a Bricklin web-site. I grew up in Minto, New Brunswick, when the Bricklin plant was in operation. We used to use the scraps of the body that was thrown away to go sliding on in the winter. They were just as fast as any "crazy carpet" that money could buy!
Posted by Tom Monroe - December 03 1997 : 10:14:50  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I just learned of your website on the Bricklin. I am interested in it since I did the initial engineering concept drawings with Herb Grasse, designed the chassis under my company AVC Engineering and eventually became the Chief Engineer of General Vehicle. My files are loaded with Bricklin drawings and information. Unfortunately I don't have the layouts. Anyway, your organization is great. My head is loaded with stories about the people involved in the Bricklin car and most of the design details, because I lived the car for about four years of my life.
Posted by Wendy Stevens - November 30 1997 : 08:44:59  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Such a lot of great information! I wish that it was printable though. Can you do a 'text only' version for those of us that want to relay the info. to non-Web owners? For example, the pale yellow text on a grey/photo background is illegible when printed. Even black on the red on this page is hard to read (don't want to print this). Your good info is getting lost in the screen clutter.
Posted by Anthony Muto in San Francisco - November 29 1997 : 23:50:10  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
You have the most fun to use and enjoyable info packed website on cars I've ever seen! And it's on Bricklins no less! I've actually read everything, and I never do that. Keep up the great job and thank you very much!
Posted by Andrew Lemke - November 29 1997 : 20:43:21  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
This site is really cool, I just purchased a Bricklin last week, and I have found this site very helpful, one thing that I would like some info on is the door system. The one in my car isnt working, I dont think there is power going to the compressor. What are some of the problems with the doors and how can they be fixed
Posted by Don Gillis - November 28 1997 : 15:29:50  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Have been a member of the club for about a year but still have not taken the plunge and bought a car yet. I really enjoy the Brickline magazine but have not received the October issue. Anyone interested in giving me hints on finding a good car would be appreciated. thanks.
Posted by Riley Marquis III - November 26 1997 : 23:51:46  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
A few photos of Bricklins that have been involved in collisions, especially ones involving high speed or heavy trucks 5 tons and over...after all, the web page declares the bricklin a safety vehicle, and I am a true believer. Others, however, need proof. with each photo include where the brick was hit, what hit it, what speed it was hit at, whether or not the seat belts were worn, injuries to those in the brick, if any. Compare with photos of volvos and hummers in similar collisions.
Posted by RAUL ARISTY - November 21 1997 : 22:19:31  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I was 9 when my Dad took me to the the International Auto Show at the old New York Coloseum. I have been in love with the Bricklin SV1 and it's design concept ever since. I studied Mechanical Engineering with the dream of someday building my own automobile. I think this site is GREAT! Please feel free to pass my name on to other Bricklin Clubs. RAUL ARISTY 180 MAUJER ST. BROOKLYN, N.Y.11206 Thanks, Raul
Posted by Steven Gilseth - November 20 1997 : 11:02:47  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I found your page very informative. In fact it has made me interested in buying a Bricklin. I joined the news group but don't ever seem to get any postings. I don't know if this is my problem or not. Anyway, I think your calssified section needs to be updated more frequently. I doesn't appear as if any new ads have been added or removed. It would be nice to know when the ad was placed and when they would like to sell the car by. Just my thoughts.
Posted by Bruce Fountain - November 16 1997 : 11:03:06  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I just wanted to say great job....Ive always admired the car and have been looking for one for many years, now i know where i can buy one. Thank you Bruce Fountain
Posted by Joseph P Sheehan - October 31 1997 : 15:38:47  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
I haven't tried Bricklin on the Web for a while. I have a 75 Bricklin and am the original registed owner. It stil only has less than 1000 mile and has been fun but I don't get to play with it enough . Too many cars, boats, family and work stuff. I hope to spend more time next year and maybe can get active .. Anyway, you have hust done a great job with this site. i will join the bricklin list when I get back to my home computer..
Posted by a member - October 28 1997 : 15:43:48  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
What the hell is with the 500 emails and counting from stephen bepko... this is really pissing me off
Posted by Stan Mitchell - October 26 1997 : 15:55:48  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
Hi, I'm Stan Mitchell and just came into a Bricklin. Its a 1974 with a low vin #. The bodys in good shape and as for the engin it has a 351 winsor. I am in the middle of restoring the interior and need to locate some one with a catalog or some way to find parts. If you could help me that would be great. I also own M & L Classic Motors in Anchorage Ak. My toll free # is 888.339.2901. Thanks again.
Posted by Jaguar - October 25 1997 : 18:11:09  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
i want to know how much a bricklin goes 4 today and where can i find one!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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